Alasdair is one of the best men I have been lucky enough to know. He cares deeply about people and wants to see you succeed. He has been a huge support to me over these two years and it’s an honour to share a few words for him.

Alasdair has the ability to break people down and then build them back up stronger and he did this to me at one of his events. He broke me and created an environment where I found the courage to tell him things from my past that I have not said to anyone in my whole life. He never once judged me and understood firsthand about mental health. He put me in touch with the right people for help and has continued to support me to this day. I really do not believe I would have spoken to anyone if it were not for him and I am more grateful for this than anything.

Alasdair thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time, love and belief you have given to me. You encourage men to be themselves unapologetically. My family have noticed a huge change in my mindset and I am not the same person directly because of you.