TTW is an intense and genuine program. It can only serve you if you are ready to play full out in all aspects. If you let yourself be guided by the incredible Alasdair, listening and intensely absorbing all the steps of the program, you will have the opportunity to discover a part of yourself never heard and seen before.

I was very sceptical doing this course, I am not a person who can look inside and believe I can change. I managed to dig deep inside myself, a bottom that I did not know I had, but which then, albeit with a lot of effort, I managed to climb, just like an uphill wave. As of today, after TTW, I feel unstoppable, strong, genuine, and full of power(whatever you class as power)a power that I had kept suppressed and lying, but which is now a beautiful discovery.

All this and much more, thanks to you Alasdair, thanks to your ability to read people up to their soul, thanks to your hand always there to grab us and never gave up on me, thanks to your tenacity to give me the strength to continue even when the emotions have taken over big time.

This is a program that I hope will be extended and deepened because few people have the ability to express the greatness of the soul through the medium “voice” and few people are true leaders, but you absolutely have this ability, and I’m looking forward to seeing what will come next, as I’ll be there!