From An Accidental Speaker To A Full-Time Coach – Alasdair Cunningham

Know how accidents can be a breakthrough point in your career.

We have often heard of the quote – ‘What is meant to be, will be.’, but how many times have we seen or heard the real-life example of the same? Is ‘destiny’ a real thing? Can someone get a breakthrough moment of their life in seconds? Well, Alasdair Cunningham’s story will make you believe in this.

Who is Alasdair?

Alasdair Cunningham is a public speaking coach who has helped many to become better communicators so that they can deliver their message effectively. He helps people overcome the fear of public speaking through teaching and mentoring them so that they feel empowered to communicate whatever they want to. He teaches people how to prepare, present, and deliver their presentations so that they can have an undying impact on the audience and generate sales for them. Alasdair takes 1-on-1 sessions as well, but this didn’t start so smoothly.

The Moment Of Realisation

Alasdair has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. He started his first business when he was 22 in the bus and coach industry. After running this business for 10 years, Alasdair realized that this won’t make him rich and he needs to work smarter to achieve his financial goals. Hence, he sold this business and pursued his property business where he can achieve financial freedom through rental income from his portfolio of properties and businesses. The property became a tool for him to generate money. But as a speaker, he lacked confidence too. He never thought he could be a public speaker because the idea of having all the limelight by him seemed dreadful to him. He would have never thought he had it in himself if it wasn’t for that event in Uganda.

In Uganda, Alasdair and his business partner had to deliver a seminar to a group of small business owners. But, unfortunately, his business partner met with an accident just a day before which gave no option to Alasdair but to step up the stage and run the show all by himself. This became ‘the moment’ of his career when he finally understood his calling. Since then, he has grown his identity as a successful public speaker and holds a vision to grow it further. His business grew with his growing authority leading to more clients and more income, simultaneously fulfilling his financial goal.

Future Aspects

Alasdair wants to take his brand ‘Tell The World’ to a different level and inspire people to change. He is the author of the book ‘ 6 Figure Speaker’. Alasdair offers his book for free and if you resonate with it, then you should definitely enrol in his ‘Tell The World’ course that will help you become a proficient speaker. So if you’re a businessman, student, or teacher – learn this life skill today to have a better future and establish your authority just like Alasdair.

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